To Life – FFfAW51

Below is a piece inspired by the prompt at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The key elements were the photo below and a word range of 100-15o (+-25).

Old car

Photo from

To Life – 136 words

The banging woke me.

I’d gotten used to the muffled cadence of voices in the shed, the shuffling of the cows moseying out to pasture, the puttering of the tractor tilling the south field. I’d learned to ignore the searing sun, the drizzling rain, the blankets of snow. After years of work, I’d settled into the ease of quiet retirement.

Then came the banging.

The hammer.

The wrench.

The pliers.

The twisting and yanking.

The loosening of parts seized with age.

The sloughing off of years of inactivity.

The coughing, wheezing, and sputtering.

Finally, the pulsing of fresh fluids, of black blood, and a spark.

And then the slow opening of my eyes from sleep.


“See, Pa, I told you I could bring that old heap back to life! Can I take it for a drive?”

15 thoughts on “To Life – FFfAW51

  1. My first time reading your blog, Amy. I think you did a great job with this prompt. Your descriptive style was engaging. I could feel the annoyance of the protagonist. I suppose there’s only so much noise anyone can tolerate. Well done.


  2. Wow Amy! This is great! The first sentence, particularly the word ‘banging’ engrossed me and the way you described the whole scene, the sentence per sentence construction it is just AWESOME!


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