Favorite On-Screen Kisses: The Great Book of Lists 2.1

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This post is my newest chapter in The Great Book of Lists. Thank you to La duchesse d’Erat for this excellent challenge. Here are the instructions for anyone interested:

  • Every Monday, I will propose a theme and you will have until Sunday night to publish your ticket, including the hashtag #TGBOL and a ping back (link) to the post announcing the topic which you are participating.
  • I will publish a summary of holdings with a new theme on Monday.
  • The comments section will allow you to say on what topics you want to write or to do lists.
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The Great Book of Lists 2.1: Favorite Onscreen Kisses
This week I invite you to list your favorite filmed kissing, whether on TV or in the movies. What did you kiss swoon, sigh, howl like a wolf or just cheer? Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing two of your favorite characters finally find love? OR he is-a kisses that you would see on the screen?Share your favorite kisses filmed list so that we can all get our daily dose of romance.

So, in no particular order, in honor of Valentine’s Day, my ten favorite on-screen kisses:

  1. Dirty Dancing: A little dancing… a little kissing… what could be better?

2. P.S. I Love You: The best opening scene in a romantic comedy, ending in a great kiss

3. Leap Year: Who could pass up a kissing challenge?

4. Twilight: Okay, these movies are a bit crazy, but there are some great kisses so a montage seems in order.

5. Bridget Jones’ Diary: Kissing in the cold…on the street…in her underwear & tennis shoes?!

6. “Friends” (Ross & Rachel’s First Kiss): They share many kisses, but this is the one I remember most.

7. An Affair to Remember: This is such a classic moment–the realization & then the kiss

8. “The Vampire Diaries” (Damon & Elena): Admittedly, I love Damon!

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: This is another classic–a cat and a kiss in the rain!

10. Notting Hill: I love Hugh Grant’s bumbling in this movie–and in this sweet kiss.

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