Acts of Love – TGBOL 3.2

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Thanks to La duchesse d’Erat for another The Great Book of Lists challenge:

…Acts of love, is inspired by a video famous french You Tuber Enjoy Phoenix posted last week after the terrible bombings in Bruxelles last week. I thought she had a point. When things go sour, awful, we turn to our loved ones, crawl in their warm embrace and let them try to calm our heartbeat. There’s hardly a better time to show them we care. So here is the first prompt of the week : how do you show your loved ones you care ? What are the little gestures, the surprises, the words that carry your appreciation ?

Acts of Love: TGBOL 3.2

1. Thank you notes: I know I’m one of the few people who still does this, but I think there’s something special about getting something other than bills in the mailbox. A thank you note can go a long way to reminding someone how appreciated they are.

2. Lunchbox notes: I like to surprise my sons with little lunchbox notes, usually written on their napkins. Sometimes they don’t even mention they’ve seen my notes, but one of my sons brought his napkin home and kept it in his room, so I know it was important to him. Someday soon, my two little ones will be embarrassed by their mom’s affection, but I’ll probably still write those lunchbox notes!

3. Cooking for people: One of my favorite spice shops, Penzey’s, has this motto: “Love to Cook. Cook to love.” I couldn’t put it better myself! I love getting the opportunity to cook for people. Planning out what will please them is like my gift to them.

4. Noticing details: This may sound vague, but I pay attention to what people like, whether that’s songs or favorite coffee or something else. Then, later, I show that I paid attention to what was important to them. I find this attention to detail is always appreciated.

I challenge you to take a moment today to show your love for someone around you. Life is too short and unpredictable to wait until tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Acts of Love – TGBOL 3.2

    • I’m not naturally a very showy emotional person, so I constantly remind myself that my kids need those big hugs and reminders that I love them. It’s far too easy to skip that affection in a day, but it’s so important.


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