G – GOOD Food

hot dog campfire A-Z challenge

Adapted from sausage-662049_1920_Pezibear @ Pixabay.com

By now, everyone knows food cooked outside tastes better, right? Honestly, I think the food is the main reason I go camping sometimes. Yes, it takes a bit more effort to cook over the campfire, but there’s something about the relaxed pace of campfire cooking coupled with being hungry from exertion and fresh air that makes food cooked over a fire taste amazing.

Interestingly, the *taste* of the food isn’t the only good thing about cooking outside. According to an H.E. Remus on Medium, “When you cook for yourself, you consume 50% less calories.” That makes sense since when you’re camping, you’re probably meal planning more carefully and are conscious of portion control since storage of food is an issue. Further, you’re less likely to just randomly grab a snack from the pantry, and if you do stock your camping pantry with junk food (s’mores, anyone?), you’re more likely to have exercised setting up camp to burn more calories than you would sitting in front of the TV. As an added bonus, if you’re participating in activities like fishing or foraging (yes, people do that!), you’re probably eating the freshest protein around sans preservatives of any kind.

Finally, if you’re camping, you just have to try one of the incredibly creative recipes you can find in the array of camping recipe books or on Pinterest. In case you need some incentive, here’s my Pinterest camping recipe list:

How is it that the lowly hot dog can taste so GOOD when cooked outside over an open fire? What are your favorite recipes for cooking outdoors? I’m always looking for new things to try on this summer’s adventures!

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5 thoughts on “G – GOOD Food

  1. I am almost…almost!…tempted to plan a camping trip with my family this summer based on your posts! We no longer have any gear…my hubs & I used to camp when it was just the 2 of us…then Busyness overtook us and now too many days it feels like a gargantuan effort to put food on the kitchen table, much less haul it to a campsite! But you are absolutely right, it is a slower pace, and maybe that’s exactly why we need it now, more than ever.


    • More and more of the campgrounds are putting up small cabins (like one room versions) and even yurts, so you don’t even need much in the way of equipment any more. The outings always take some effort, but it’s such a nice escape from everyday routines. Now, if the weather would just cooperate…!

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