K – Keeping it Simple


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You ever read something and just find yourself nodding, like “Yeah, I totally get what this person is saying”? I had one of those moments today. The article was titled “Keep it Simple When Introducing Kids to the Outdoors,” and it included a list of things people shouldn’t do when introducing kids to the outdoors (don’t let them play with leeches, for example). After the list, the article ends with this head-nodding gem:

Most of all, just keep it simple and fun.

Well, duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Keep it simple is a mantra for most everything, but for some reason, many of us (yup, I include myself here) overplan when it comes to outdoor activities. When you keep it simple, you’re open to interesting possibilities. You can be spontaneous.

When it comes to getting your family outdoors, keeping it simple should be your goal. If you need some inspiration, check out the ideas at the blogs No Time for Flashcards and Hands On As We Grow.

What simple activities have you used to introduce kids to the outdoors? 

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8 thoughts on “K – Keeping it Simple

    • Love those scavenger hunts! We do all sorts of impromptu scavenger hunts when camping: “Find something red. Find something shiny.” Keeps the kids running around for as long as we can keep coming up with ideas.


  1. We walk and “notice things. Today, we watched the men replacing the streetlights with new ones. We saw how much smaller the new ones are and will drive around tonight to see if they are brighter than the old ones. Little things. Lots of fun.


    • Sounds like a wonderful walk! We did something similar last night. I love listening to what my sons find fascinating–a leaf, a “pretty” stone, some tree roots. There’s so much to see when we open our eyes!

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