M – Mindfulness


Photo adapted from Unsplash @ pixabay.com

  • That moment when the sun crests the horizon, making the sky blush
  • That moment when I stand beneath the Sable Dunes, with Lake Superior licking my toes
  • That moment when the ground gives away and the expanse of the Grand Canyon opens up in front of me
  • That moment when the car rounds a bend and the face of George Washington carved into stone looks down on me through the trees
  • That moment when the clouds part, revealing not just the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, but a rainbow, too
  • That moment when I’m sitting on a giant rock jutting out into Lake Huron, watching a thunderstorm approach
  • That moment when I lie on a blanket under elderly oak trees at the park, the sun trickling down between the leaves
  • That moment when I look back over my shoulder and realize what the Black Hills look like from above
  • That moment when we reach the summit of the mountain, with the baby sound asleep in the backpack
  • That moment when I look at my family across the campfire, their faces streaked with marshmallow and chocolate

These are the moments when I can’t think of anything other than where I am, who I’m with, and who I am. These are the moments when I understand what it means to be mindful of the moment. What are your moments of mindfulness?


10 thoughts on “M – Mindfulness

  1. When I cycle, I am completely in each moment. I know it is not the same as your stunning examples, but it is when I am most appreciative of not only being alive, but acutely aware of myself.


    • I get the cycling example well. I was a swimmer for years, and I often found I was the most “mindful” when I was on about lap 20+. By that point, all the day-to-day sort of fell away. It’s a powerful feeling!


  2. When I tell my husband about our adventure for the day- I relish every detail about the children. Since he is usually at work, I want him to relive each moment with me and not be left out! Each evening we are reminded of how our lifestyle change to become a wild family has changed our life- for the better 😊 I can’t wait to go camping so I too can see sticky/chocolaty mouths around the campfire!


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