O- Obesity Cure?


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I feel a bit like the old snake oil salesmen with my title today. “Come one, come all! Get your obesity cure here!”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a bush out in the forest, you’ve heard that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S.and in many other countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have an entire section of their website dedicated to Overweight and Obesity because this is such a concern.Even Michelle Obama has gotten into the discussion by making the reduction of childhood obesity her White House platform. Although there is evidence to suggest that the obesity rates are stabilizing, far too many men, women, and children are negatively affected by weight issues.
As much as I’d like to argue that getting outside will cure obesity, the reality is that many factors contribute to our health. Going outside isn’t going to eliminate food deserts that drive families to fast food and convenience store meals. A walk in the park won’t make the pounds melt away. Curing obesity takes a dedicated effort—and a lot of support.
However, back to that “walk in the park” idea I mentioned a moment ago… If you take a listen to the experts, they all agree on two things:

Obviously, I could keep going, but I’m sure you get the point. While these experts all say reducing obesity is a challenge, they agree that at the heart of the obesity crisis lies a cure: eating well and exercising.
Conveniently enough, I wrote a post about the value of exercising outside a week or so ago…and one about GOOD food, although that was more about the fact that food tastes better when cooked outside.
I may not be able to cure obesity by taking my family outside, but I figure it can’t hurt, right?


11 thoughts on “O- Obesity Cure?

    • I’m terrible about getting outside in the winter, too. I know I need an outdoor winter hobby like skiing, but unless the sun is shining, I don’t want to be outside when it’s cold! Good luck with that yard work!


  1. Great post! A cure would be great! I currently have one if my children on a total health diet/more exercise! Eats the same as us yet he is over weight! I don’t understand it 😢


    • Thanks for the comment, Heather! Weight is such a tough battle. I had a very tough time writing that post because I didn’t want to minimize the struggles that people go through regarding weight. I know there’s no magic cure, but it seems like we aren’t very kind to our bodies these days. I know getting outside isn’t that perfect cure, but it’s a starting place for me.


  2. i hate to say it but all this technology that we have today doesn’t help. We spend more time now sitting in front of the computer or playing video games.

    Plucking of My Heartstrings


    • I think you’re right, Cheryl–and I’m guilty of it as I sit at a computer right now. We have to be much more conscious of getting away from the technology because of our reliance on it–at least that’s the case for me. I love camping for that reason.


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