Q – Quality Time

poking campfire

Photo adapted from Unsplash @ pixabay.com

The kids had homework to do.

I needed to vacuum and wash windows.

My husband planned to clean out our cars after work.

We had all sorts of things we should have been doing yesterday evening, but when my boys got off the bus after school, I knew we needed some quality time as a family.

Do you ever have those weeks where you get focused on what needs to get done? On to-do lists and schedules? On obligations and necessities? Sometimes those things become the priorities instead of facilitating the priorities. These are the moments when I need to remind myself of a popular saying:

Work to live not live to work.

So, yesterday evening, we lived.

We set aside the work for a couple of hours and spent some quality time together. We tromped through the woods, found six geocaches, visited two lakes, discovered an abandoned boyscout camp and an old road, and walked something like three miles. Best of all, we spent time together as a family talking about our day and about the week to come. This wasn’t the kind of talking we do at home when we’re all busy doing our own things. This was quality conversation where we were listening to one another. I’d like to think that was much more important than vacuuming or homework (which did get done eventually, for the record).

I hope you’ll get to spend some quality time with your family this week—outside, inside, or wherever!

7 thoughts on “Q – Quality Time

    • Thanks–I tend to be bad about remembering to take photos of anything important, but I have tons of random walking through the woods photos! I guess these are my favorite moments.


    • I’m glad to hear of someone else who has a clue what geocaching is! Whenever I mention it, people look at me like I’ve lost my mind: “You mean, people hide things all over the place for others to find?!” They can’t believe such a thing exists! My sons LOVE it–and I have a good excuse for a walk.

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  1. Definitely agree about quality time.
    I am such a rock hound. And doing what I call an “Indiana Jones” around an old homesite. I have rocks about every five feet in my house that I’ve accumulated. Petrified wood and teeth, Indian artifacts, and an amazing seven inch stone ball. Paint pots etc. Old horseshoes, crockery, glass.
    *sigh*. Yes, when I walk, my head is bent looking down at the ground.
    CD Coffelt at UnicornBell


    • What fun! We got my oldest a metal detector last year because he was so interested in wandering around staring at things on/under the ground. We can’t go anywhere without him coming home with a pocket full of “treasures” of some sort! We spend lots of time up on Lake Superior collecting rocks–agates mostly up there.


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