T – Teamwork

26 Reasons to Take Your Family Outside

Photo adapted from Love To Take Photos @ pixabay.com

Happy belated Earth Day!

People who appreciate the outdoors know that we don’t keep the world a beautiful place all by ourselves. It takes a team. It took a team of people to create the National Park System, and it takes teams of people all over the world like the International Union for Conversation of Nature to protect our natural resources.

Today, I could talk about how being outside teaches teamwork—and it does—but instead I want to focus on a handful of the many organizations that ensure we have beautiful parks, pristine waterways, and natural spaces to explore. I want to write a thank you, of sorts, to those whose teamwork ensures all of us the chance to take our families outside.

In no particular order, here are just a few of the organizations acting as part of Earth’s team:

Thank goodness, Earth’s got a pretty big team! That having been said, there’s always room for more people. I hope you’ll join the team to make the outdoors a place we can all enjoy for years to come.

11 thoughts on “T – Teamwork

    • My husband did a kayaking trip up on the Georgian Bay a few years ago. He loved the area, so hopefully we’ll get up there again soon. It is devastating to see those areas polluted, but we’re also doing better about cleaning some areas. There’s a lake where I live that was polluted years ago by tannery chemicals. It’s just been removed from the “at risk” environmental category because of all the efforts to improve the water quality. There’s hope!


  1. I’ll be making the earth a better place starting with my front and back yard. We keep the grass cut, and a guy comes to spray away the weeds. We had roses, but will be going back to the drawing board this year; maybe colorful bushes.

    National Parks are so beautiful. And I think people respect that. I know I do. I love this Earth, and like you, encourage people I know to make it a better place to live for all of us, and our children.


    • I’ve heard roses are finicky! We were lucky to buy a house a few years ago from a gentleman who was an avid gardener. Things just pop up out of the ground all over the place around here! Of course, I spend plenty of time trying to keep the weeds away, but I love getting to appreciate these plants all over.

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      • Yes, nature is so beautiful…even some of the weeds. They don’t know they are weeds, and we probably wouldn’t either had we not be told.


      • So true! I had a conversation with my sons about weeds earlier this week. They were really upset we were trying to get rid of dandelions in the lawn because they thought they were beautiful. They are pretty awesome little pops of color!

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  2. Blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. I started WAY down the participant list figuring they wouldn’t get as much traffic. Just now finding this nice blog. Thank you. I have been writing about hotels and inns, come and have TEA on the letter T day if you have time or interest.


    • Glad you made it up the list to visit, Stepheny! I used to work in the hotel industry (these days I just write hotels into my stories and novels), so I’m definitely going to have to come visit you!


    • That’s a great idea, Carol! Last year the electric company cut down some trees alongside our property, and it’s been amazing to watch the wildflowers and ferns grow up in that space. Nature retakes her space! Now, hopefully the bees will replenish themselves before it’s too late…


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