Y- Learn About YOURSELF


I can’t believe the end of the 2016 Blogging from A-Z Challenge is almost here. Admittedly, I’ll be glad to see the end of April so I can focus on something other than my blog for a change! That having been said, my first attempt at the challenge has been a great one. I’ve interacted with so many interesting people, and I’ve learned a lot about so many topics. I also learned a lot about my own topic—and about myself.

It’s useful to take a moment to focus on what you learn about yourself through challenges like this one. The definition of a challenge is something that isn’t easy—so why do it? What do you get from it? My guess is that you learn a lot about yourself through challenges. You learn your strengths and weaknesses as well as your stamina. You learn what you’re willing to put up with and what sends you over the edge. You learn that you’re capable of much more than you imagined.

Taking your family outdoors presents similar challenges. It’s not always easy to get everyone off of the couch and out of the house. You quite likely have to set aside other important things in order to make outdoor adventures happen. You could even face the wrath of kids who’d much rather be playing video games or texting their friends than tromping through the woods. I’d like to hope that the rewards—intangible though they may be—make the challenge worthwhile.

At the end of every challenge, it’s beneficial to consider your accomplishments. In the spirit of that sort of self-evaluation and since we’re so near the end of this blogging challenge, I’d like to challenge you to evaluate what you’ve learned about yourself through your most recent challenge—whether it’s an outdoor one, the A-Z Blogging Challenge, or something else.

Five Questions to Learn About Yourself

  • What was my goal in this challenge?
  • How was I challenged?
  • What did I learn through this challenge?
  • How did I grow through this challenge?
  • What can I share with others about this experience?

To be fair, I’ll take up my own challenge and answer these questions:

My goal in the 2016 Blogging From A to Z Challenge was twofold. First, I wanted to prove to myself that I could write 26 posts in a month. Second, I hoped to assert the importance of getting outdoors, something that is rapidly falling out of favor with families these days. I found that writing the actual posts wasn’t tough, but coming up with ideas sometimes was. I didn’t want to be repetitive, and sometimes I couldn’t come up with anything to say on a topic. This challenge definitely taught me to be creative; avoiding repetition meant I had to think about topics from different angles. I learned a lot about the reasons people avoid going outside (myself included). Even more interestingly, I learned so much about topics I knew little about, from printing presses to Queen Victoria and even frogs during the A-Z Challenge. In terms of growth, I definitely got into a consistent habit of writing this month. I tend to procrastinate about writing, doing it when “I have time,” which means it doesn’t happen often enough. The A-Z Challenge added the pressure I needed to be consistent about my writing goals. If I break my writing into achievable goals and stick with them, I can succeed. Finally, I really hope I’ve encouraged people to get outside—just a bit. I know the logistics of getting outdoors present a challenge some days, but the rewards in terms of physical and mental health are great, as I’ve explored this month.

Thank you to all who’ve stopped by and said hello during this challenge. I couldn’t have made it to Y without YOU!

2 thoughts on “Y- Learn About YOURSELF

  1. The challenge was harder and less difficult than I expected. I gave myself an open theme, which may have been cheating, but it worked for me. This was my first challenge as well, and I’m pleased to have fought through to the end. I will take a nice week break from the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your A to Z posts.


    • If I ever do this crazy challenge again, I think I’ll skip the theme. I was good for a couple of weeks, but then I was just boring myself and wanted desperately to write something else! Onto the next challenge… relaxing!


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