A Writer’s Greatest Fear – And What To Do About It

Somehow this post struck a a chord with me this morning. I’m in a bit of a “creative renaissance,” and this advice to imagine myself five years in the future is very useful in deciding where I go next. I hope it will appeal to you as well!


I don’t think it matters what stage of your writing you’re at, it strikes every writer. The newbies, the seasoned, the struggling, the best-selling. Every. Single. One. It’s a question that can derail you, undermine you. It’s the one question that will paralyse you.

Is my writing good enough?

I’ve asked myself the very same question. I’ve won competitions and bombed a couple. I’ve had readers tell me my book is the best they’ve ever read. I’ve had multiple rejections from publishers….for the same book which received two offers and a too-late request for a full.

But writing is a creative process that transforms dreams and images and thoughts into a physical medium. In other words, its art. And art is subjective. Meaning that question is impossible to answer. Your book might be the next Agatha Christie or Tolkien manifesto or Dickens classic. Or it might be bought…

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