I’m Amy, a born and raised Michigander. No, that doesn’t mean I have feathers or wings. It means although I’ve lived in Ohio, Colorado, and New York, my heart is firmly planted in the fertile soil of the Great Lakes state–Michigan, USA. Where else can you go and be no more than six miles from a body of water or 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes?

When I’m not stuck behind a desk, you might find me tromping through the woods to find the next geocache. Or maybe I’ll be setting up camp at one of my family’s favorite state parks. I could be meandering through acres of fall colors in the Porcupine Mountains or sledding down snow-covered hills with my sons. There’s a chance I may even be visiting the place where I married my husband, the Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse. If the sun is shining and the wind is just right, you’ll most likely see me strolling along the Lake Superior shoreline—being careful not to trip over the bones of an old shipwreck.

I probably should introduce myself on this page by telling you I love my family, good food, red wine, and dark chocolate. I should say I’m a women’s fiction and short story writer. All true.

But the truest fact is I am who I am because of where I am.

On this site, I share what I love about the people, places, and activities Michigan has to offer–and talk about what inspires me to write about Michigan and the Great Lakes.

Thanks for visiting!

Hello from MI polaroid photo


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32 thoughts on “About

  1. Just a heads up: your link when you “like” a post or comment is coming up as amorrisjones not amymorrisjones. You liked my ‘Enough is Enough” story for FFftPP and I discovered this error when I tried to click to see your page.


  2. Born in Michigan, grew up in Wisconsin, spent my adult years in Florida and Arizona. I suppose no matter where I roam, I’ll always have the Midwest in me. I’m looking forward to reading much more of your work.


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  4. That’s a nice description, it sounds like you live in a wonderful place. You sound like an outside person! I look forward to reading more.


  5. Hi Amy, we definitely have a lot in common. I also love my family, good food, red wine, dark chocolate …. combine it all with a bit of travel and outdoor camping and you have paradise. Lovely to meet you and look forward to reading more.


  6. Hi Amy, it’s nice to meet you! I really love the pic of the rocks and water! I could just picture putting my hand in there and swirling it around 🙂 Have a great weekend, Jenny


    • I wandered over to your blog and saw I’m not the only water fan around here! 🙂 After reading your “About” page, I got thinking that for me, there’s something soothing about being around the water. I can’t compare my own anxiety to what you describe, but the Great Lakes are my recharge when I feel overwhelmed. I look forward to reading about your journey! Thanks for the visit!

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      • Oh, yes, I think we are water people! Water is very soothing. The sound of the ocean or a river or even a babbling brook is so calming to me. I even have a playlist on Spotify for those soothing sounds 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Amy! Have a great week, Jenny

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  8. I think your blog page is terrific! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Feel free to click on the link to accept and participate–https://greaterthangravity.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/and-the-winner-is/


  9. Hi, Amy, nice to meet you. You have painted a nice picture to describe you. Your description is so fresh that I can visualize your place very clearly. I’m also a nature lover. So, am glad to meet another nature lover.
    By the way, woman’s day is coming, am looking forward to your post on woman’s day special.


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