Dream Trips: Great Book of Lists 2.0

Okay, I have to admit that I’m giddy with excitement this morning! In my random wanderings of the blogosphere , I found something that totally speaks to me: The Great Book of Lists. (Thanks go to A Reading Writer for leading me to this find!)

I know, I know… You’re thinking, “Why would this make anyone giddy with excitement?”

I am an obsessive list maker. I suppose that makes me a control freak, but lists help me manage my world—they give order and structure. There’s nothing like checking something off a to-do list to give me a sense of accomplishment. When things are in a list, they can be addressed (then probably moved to another list!).

Anyway, I’m apparently not the only person who loves lists because there’s an entire list-making challenge at the blog of La duchesse d’Erat, and I’m totally in. I’m starting a month behind, but I can’t pass this up! Thank you, La duchesse d’Erat, thank you! Here are the instructions for anyone interested (translated into English—thank you Google!), and my first list follows. I’ve decided to keep my lists to ten items each.

  • Every Monday, I will propose a theme and you will have until Sunday night to publish your ticket, including the hashtag #TGBOL and a ping back (link) to the post announcing the topic which you are participating.
  • I will publish a summary of holdings with a new theme on Monday.
  • The comments section will allow you to say on what topics you want to write or to do lists.
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Why not start this month to share a piece of our dreams: the trips we would like to do, the places we dream of going, we note in our list of things to do but absolutely where we never the weather.
These places make us dream, ignite our imagination. These travel plans can also throw new light on our neighborhood.

My Dream Trips

(After the first two, these are in no particular order; some I’ve visited already but would love to return to.)

  1. Greek Isles
  2. Sienna, Italy
  3. Boston, MA, USA
  4. New Orleans, LA, USA
  5. San Francisco, CA, USA
  6. India (Goa, Jaipur, anywhere!)
  7. Bora Bora
  8. Sydney, Australia
  9. Seattle, WA, USA
  10. Arizona, USA

What would be on your list of dream trips?