Why I (Sort of) Love Michigan Seasons

Michigan Seasons FallMy yard is filled with mature oak trees. Several of these behemoths have trunks around which I cannot reach my arms. When we bought this property two years ago, it was these magnificent trees that sold us. The way their branches reached out and created a canopy over the backyard made the place feel like a secret garden.

But that was at the end of summer.

When that first fall arrived, we headed out into the yard to rake up the leaves. It was a wonderful day spent enjoying nature and getting some work done. At the end of the day, we felt as if we’d accomplished something as we looked out over the yard.

Until the next morning when we awoke to find that the entire yard was covered in another layer of leaves. As we looked out the windows, we couldn’t help but look up at the branches of those towering oaks. They were still full of leaves. We spent many, MANY more days raking, eventually buying a leaf blower to try to keep up.

I’ve often said that I love living in Michigan because of the distinct four seasons we get. I’ve gotten to watch those oak trees empty themselves of leaves in fall. During the winter, the trees’ bare branches provide a haunting contrast to the gray sky and falling snow. I always know spring has arrived when I see the little bursts of green in the highest-reaching branches, and by summer, our secret garden has returned.

As I stare out at the leaves piled in the yard, I have to remind myself I really do love all four season. Even fall. Sort of.