C – CHEAP Outside Activities

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I took my family to see a movie this past weekend. Here’s the damage:
2 Children’s Tickets x $7.50 each = $15
2 Adult Tickets x $8.50 each = $17
Popcorn & Soda = $15
Almost $50 for an hour and a half’s entertainment

Last month, we took the kids to see a Disney on Ice show—their first ever. I thought I got a great deal when I paid only $75 for four tickets. Of course, parking cost another $8. Once we got in the arena, we discovered that to get snacks, we’d have to buy a souvenir, too. You see, if you bought cotton candy, it came with a plastic crown. Drinks came in special collector’s cups. In short, we got just two snacks and spent $24. In case you’re not keeping track, that brings the total to just shy of $110.

My point isn’t to complain about costs here. Each of these experiences was worthwhile, and we budget well for such outings. However, entertainment is expensive!

On the contrary, outside activities are inexpensive—and often free. If you find yourself in need of inspiration to get your family outside today, check out the list below.

Cheap outside activities

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22 thoughts on “C – CHEAP Outside Activities

  1. This is so true! I hate going outside, but every time my sorority plans a retreat, we try to do something outdoorsy simply because it’s inexpensive, and we can spend more time getting to know each other instead!


    • Has your sorority ever done a ropes course? Those are scary (unless you’re the kind of person who likes heights) but such great bonding experiences. It’s funny, but I often feel like I don’t want to go outside–until I’m there. I don’t know why that is!


      • Not yet. We have one on our campus, but a lot of us are big chickens. We did go to a mini-mountain once. A few of us went hiking, and the rest of us stayed at the bottom and enjoyed the park.


      • I understand that chicken feeling. Just looking at those ropes course towers makes me queasy, but there’s nothing like the feeling of conquering something you didn’t think you could.


    • You must be somewhere near where I live, Jessica. It’s been snowing on and off here in Michigan regularly. So much for spring! I was just looking out the window trying to convince myself to get outside for a walk–even though it’s only supposed to get up to 35 today. I have a very hard time getting out there when it’s cold, too!


  2. I used to love taking the kids that I would babysit out to the park and just outside to get some fresh air. It is much easier for them to run around and get rid of some excess energy when you have a large open space.
    @AllysePanaro from
    The Frog Lady


    • I can always tell when my kids haven’t gotten outside because they expend that energy running up and down the hallway. It’s funny (and sad) that adults seem to have the opposite problem–not enough energy to get us outside and moving. I’m glad you visited!

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    • I’m kind of sad that my boys are getting beyond the bubble blowing stage. They still do it now and then, but it doesn’t amuse them as much. I just saw these giant bubble things at the store this week, though, so we may have to check those out!

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